For Acuvue, we wanted to create a film all about the near future landscape of contact lenses. After discussing the options to convey the message, we pitched the medium of 2D character based animation. It turned out to be the perfect fit for the message, the product, and the audience.

We worked alongside the in-house project team, even holding a workshop on the topic, to come up with a story that captured the correct insights of the future.Through an iterative design process, we quickly settled on a look that was at once playful and hip - a nod to the target audience. We built out all of the scenes and characters from there, adding both key animation and the little touches that bring the 2 minute film to life.

Judging by the client’s happy response, we think the whole thing came off pretty darn well.

*Note: due to our confidentiality agreements and the forward-looking nature of the project, we are unable to show the full film.


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